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What Participants Say:

"I was most impressed by your thorough knowledge of both photography and auto racing, that is truly rare. It is so important to know your subject and it shows in your work. My head is still spinning from all the information. I didn't expect to be enlightened so much from the weekend but you answered nearly all of my questions and really opened my mind."
-Mike McKinney
- Las Vegas 2006

"All of your cheats that you shared with us and the color balance education. You won't find that stuff in ANY book. Thanks for all your time and tutalage, I don't know if you'll ever realize how much it has improved my shooting and confidence."
-Paul Robinson
- Hickory 2005

"WOW! You are an awesome teacher. The fact you are willing to show us what you have spent 30+ years learning is incredible. Thank you."
-Trudy Ochylski
- Las Vegas 2008

"I can't even begin to express how much I learned and how much fun I had at the workshop. Thank you so much."
-Michael Fettig
- Las Vegas 2008

Capture the Action - Learn More to Earn More

Go trackside during real high-speed action with one of the world's leading professional motorsports photographers. Experience the excitement while learning about creative imaging techniques as they apply to the fast-paced action of motorsports in this immersion photography workshop.

In addition to a wealth of technical photographic information regarding car, truck, and motorcycle racing photography, classroom lecture topics for the two-day program include: working safely in a high speed environment, setting goals and the value of photos, the importance of the exposure equation, lens selection from fisheye to super telephoto, workflow and software, copyright and licensing, preparing photographs for publication, high speed action in low light establishing your own personal style, and editorial responsibility. Question-and-answer sessions are an integral part of the overall workshop program. Individual portfolio critiques and assignment image reviews are available upon request.

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Trackside sessions typically provide photo opportunities of live racing. Extensive classroom sessions begin with digital photo basics and moves through creative imaging of moving objects, existing light candids, track access and safety consideration, professional conduct, editorial assignments, copyright, image licensing, getting published, and photo marketing. The primary objective of each auto racing photography lesson is for participants to learn how to create consistently better photographs. The emphasis of each workshop is on digital photojournalism at some of the world's best auto racing venues for photography.

Workshop instructor David Allio's professional motorsports photography career spans four decades. The multiple AARWBA award winner has been the official track photographer for at least ten different racetracks and the official series photographer for over a half-dozen different national and international racing series, including the cars of the NASCAR Winston Racing Series. His original film and digital still images are frequently featured in automotive periodicals, books, television, and movies.

Each digital photography workshop is a unique opportunity to learn auto racing and motorcycle photography under live racing conditions. Participants in these workshops are allowed unprecidented access to some of the world's greatest racing facilities.

Superspeedway workshop classes are conducted at the 1.5-mile Las Vegas Motor Speedway and the Neon Garage.

Drag racing sessions are presented at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Short track oval auto racing photography sessions are presented a variety of the nation's finest and most challenging paved ovals.

Motorsports photography instruction workshops are designed for a mixture of classroom sessions and live stock car, sports car, motorcycle, drifting and/or drag racing photo opportunities. Group sizes are limited for maximum personal learning opportunities.

Become a better photographer. Learn better methods for the legal licensing, sales, and marketing of your unique photography. Click Here for the current schedule, tuition and reservation information. Learn More to Earn More.

Next Motorsports Digital Photography Workshop:
March 23-24, 2012 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway

The Strip at LVMS The Bullring at LVMS Las Vegas Motor Speedway

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