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David Allio Featured Lecturer at Las Vegas Photographers Convention

LAS VEGAS -- This year's International Society of Photographers annual convention at the historic Riveria Hotel and Casino on The Strip in Las Vegas featured David Allio, an award-winning photographer, among its guest lecturers that spanned photographers from Time, Rolling Stone and National Geographic magazines. Based on attendance, the Allio seminars and lectures were the most popular of the multi-day convention.

"In the past, most of the photographers in attendance just came to the convention for the contest. A few would attend the lectures. This year, David Allio's sessions were incredibly popular. His audiences were the largest of the convention," said Rick Rosen, one of the 2006 ISP photo competition judges.

David Allio shared his knowledge of location photography, technical calculations, as well as legal releases, copyright and image licensing to standing room crowds. Other speakers who joined Allio at the March 2-5 convention were Robert Nickelsberg, international photojournalist for Time magazine; Steve McCurry, award-winning National Geographic photographer; Bob Gruen, celebrated rock-and-roll photographer; and Las Vegas locals Billy Pegram and Catherine Angel.

Allio conducted two seminars and walking tours of The Fabulous Las Vegas Strip where he provided technical and historical information to the convention's visiting photographers. He also conducted four one-hour lectures and participated on the professional panel discussion.

"It was a personal honor to be selected as a visiting guest lecturer for this international audience," Allio said in an interview following the convention. "I have spent nearly four decades learning as much as possible about all facets of photography. Now, it is gratifying to be able to share this information at my seminars, workshops, lectures and through speaking engagements such as this convention."

There was such a great demand to attend his lectures that after each session he stayed for further questions. He also was surprised by how many of his peers requested his autograph.

"There have been a few requests for my autograph since my photos first began appearing on magazine covers and in books in the late 1970s. Plus, I sign all of my artworks," Allio said. "But at this convention, photographers waited in line for a photo op and my autograph on my published worksheets - probably the most I've ever signed at one event."

The International Society of Photographers is a select group of amateur photographers. The convention included an annual $25,000 photo competition where the winner was awarded a silver bowl and $10,000.

David Allio is a graduate of the University of Virginia. He has a Bachelor of Arts in English Communications and Visual Arts.