www.davidallio.com | for immediate release | January 6, 2007
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Kauai Web Site DavidAllio.com Tops 100,000 Hits Daily

PUHI HAWAII - The web site for Kauai resident professional photographer David Allio - www.DavidAllio.com - reached a new milestone on the first week of the new year. In the 24-hour period that was January 4,2007, a total of 107,229 successful hits were recorded on the web site log. It was the first time the four-section, hundred-plus-page commercial photography and photo workshop web site topped 100,000 hits in a single day since opening as a one-page web site ten years ago.

"There seems to be no single cause for the growth in web site visitors, just a constant grinding out of small alterations to improve the content and Internet visibility," Allio said. "Much of the gain in visitor traffic is a result of daily content updates and simple changes in filenames, HTML and XML coding."

The 107,229 successful hits translated into 16,539 unique pageviews from 6,606 visitors in 50 different countries. Virtual visitors spent an average of over five minutes on the web site viewing Kauai photographs and related information. In total, over 1 gigabyte of data and 770 different files were transferred from the web site to online web browsers in a single 24-hour period.

The Alexa traffic rank and audience reach for the www.DavidAllio.com website has shown consistent progress over the past six month and is now ranked in the top one-percent of the billions of web sites online. Individual Google page ranks of importance keep rising. Both are positive indicators of an active web business presence and the result of diligent research and promotions. Growing professional recognition, such as a recent Wikipedia reference entry for David Allio as an American Photojournalist, and Kauai's robust popularity as a desirable travel destination seem to help generate new virtual visitors, as well.

Page Rank and Alexa reach are important factors in attracting new advertisers. Hawaiian Airlines, Hilo Hatties, and With Our Aloha are among the latest Hawaii-themed companies to contract for advertising space on the www.DavidAllio.com website.

"Almost all of my new business - commercial photographic work and photo workshops - on Kauai is coming through my website," Allio admitted. "The World Wide Web is dynamic. Too many businesses rush to post a web site but forget essential follow-up with fresh content, accurate partnering links, and evolving computer coding trends. All of these are critical elements in a successful web business formula. Maintenance is time consuming. But, proper management seems to be the best way to gain ground against the growing online clutter."

Allio serves as his own webmaster and search engine optimizer (SEO). Internet hosting for the web site is provided by the professionals at Appleget Associates. His web site, photography galleries, and more information may be found online at www.DavidAllio.com.