www.davidallio.com | for immediate release | February 7, 2009
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Professional Photographer David Allio Becomes Guest Contributor

LOS ANGELES - Professional photographer David Allio has been brought on as a regular contributor to Ask the Photographer and will answer reader questions with information from his upcoming book, 101 Things Every Photographer Should Know.

In addition to heading the staff as chief track photographer for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Allio is a regular guest speaker at photography events. The working pro leads photography seminars and is sought after as an industry consultant.

Allio was born in Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Communications and Visual Arts. Over the course of his award-winning, 35-year career, Allio has served as the official track photographer for more than 10 race tracks and a comparable number of touring series. He has provided photographs from thousands of feature events at nearly 300 race tracks on three continents.

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