www.davidallio.com | for immediate release | June 22, 2010
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Garden Island Arts Council Selected for Donations

PUHI KAUAI HAWAII - The Garden Island Arts Council has been selected to receive direct donations from online galleries of professional photographer David Allio. The direct donations program will continue for at least 18 months as a way to help fund art activities on Kauai.

Garden Island Arts Council (GIAC) is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization comprised of an all-volunteer board of directors who provide a year-round program of art, cultural activities, and events for the benefit of residents of and visitors to Kauai. More information is available online at www.gardenislandarts.org.

"The Garden Island Arts Council has been important in the development of my artwork on Kauai," Allio said. "All of the proceeds from my original figure artworks in galleries, on the website, and from competition awards have gone into scholarship programs in Europe and on the mainland. This direct donation program to GIAC is just an extension of the concept of using my existing artworks to promote the Arts on Kauai.

"In the currect economic and political climate, funding for the Arts has become an easy target for removal from the classroom curriculum. Thus, the funding of art education, creation, and appreciation becomes the personal responsibility of each citizen."