Wind-blown rusted roof Weathered Prairie Barn Fountain County Stone Bluff Indiana landscape Americana Collection

Weathered Prairie Barn – Americana Collection

What do you as a viewer see in this photograph?

What do the missing sections of the rusted roof and exposed rafters tell you?

What does the scrub brush growing at the end of the barn indicate?

Regarding the overall structure, does the weathered wood siding mean anything?

Why pick this specific barn to photograph?

As a documentary photographer, my resonsibility to you as a viewer is to present the scene and allow you to formulate a narrative from this visual presentation. If you merely glance and the photograph and do not allow the necessary time to compile the story, you are missing the many messages embedded within the image.

You, as a viewer, will interpret the image according to your personal experiences and references and prejudices. However, it requires effort to become a refined viewer.

Now, do yourself a favor and take a few more moments. Review this photograph. Then, describe to yourself what you see.

What information is available now that you overlooked before?

camera: Nikon D500 | lens: AFS Nikkor VR Zoom 70-200mm f/2.8G IF-ED
effective focal length: 300mm | exposure: f/9 – 1/1000th second – ISO 500