Experience Photography Workshop Programs
Terms and Policies

Reservations may be made online. Changes, cancellations, and discounts require that you contact us using the contact information available on this website.

Enrollment in each program is limited. So, upon confirmation of a reservation, there are no refunds.
Change or cancellation 45 or more days – 90% of the tuition may be reapplied to any future program of equal or greater tuition price, within two years of the original booking
Change or cancellation less than 45 days – 50% of the tuition may be reapplied to any future program of equal or greater tuition price, within two years of the original booking.
Each participant has the option of purchasing travel insurance for their protection against unforeseen circumstances that might prevent participant attendance.

Tuition Payment
Tuition for each program covers the instructor, lecture fees, consultation fees, and instructional materials. No other expenses are included in tuition unless specifically listed in the individual program description. Tuition must be paid in US funds. Methods of payment include: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and PayPal. Tuition must be paid in-full at the time of booking reservation.

Limitation of Liability
Our maximum limit of liability is to return all monies paid. In the event of a program cancellation each participant will receive a full refund, plus a discount certificate toward a future program. However, we cannot be responsible for non-refundable airline tickets or other travel expenses.

Participation by Minors
Minors, under the age of 18, are not allowed to attend any program without the presence of a parent or legal guardian. One parent or legal guardian may attend at no charge.

Discount plans may not be compounded or combined. Additional restrictions may apply.

Program Content
Instructional program titles and content may be altered and/or deleted for time-to-time without written notice.

Dress Code
Please note that the sanctioning body dress code will apply to all participants.
Whites or light-colored clothing is always recommended and may be required by some racetracks.

Policy Violations
Violation of track policy, security, sanctioning body policy, or improper conduct shall result in instant revocation of track access privileges.

Instructor Substitution
Most program instruction is led byDavid Allio. In the event a qualified substitute instructor is required for a complete workshop or seminar program, participants will be given the option of a 25% refund or rebooking in a future program.

Participant Equipment
Each participant is solely responsible for providing and maintaining posession of their own photographic equipment and accessories. No drones allowed, except for DaKine Drone Academy sessions.

Participant Safety
Each participant is solely responsible for determining and maintaining a safe working environment for themselves, their equipment, and other participants.

Participants with Disabilities
Any participant with a disability is required to notify the Workshop prior to attendance. The staff
will work to accomodate reasonable special needs requests when provided with reasonable advance notice.
However, all participants are hereby advised that natural physical barriers may exist on site that could
hinder or prevent access to some photo opportunity locations. By making a reservation, each participant
agrees and consents and acknowledges and accepts that the workshop is not liable in the event that a
participant may not be able to fully participate in a program due to a personal disability.

All workshops are conducted primarily in English. The lectures and handouts are provided in English.
Whenever necessary, program participants are required to provide their own translation services.

Except in rare instances, all programs will proceed rain-or-shine.
Schedule adjustments may be required to accommodate weather delays/postponements of on-track activities.

Updates to Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions are subject to change, from time-to-time, without notice.