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Big Dune – Americana Collection

Big Dune of Amargosa Valley, Nevada, is culturally important because it is one of a number of sand dunes in Numic territory that are considered singing sand dunes. The dunes emit low-frequency sounds that are caused when moisture is found within the sand particles, the temperatures are high, and some sort of impact occurs that cause the sands to shift. Wind, earthquakes, or human activity can create enough impact to cause the sand dunes to shift. The booming sound of the sand dune is emitted when avalanches occur on the leeward face of the dune and when the avalanches are at an angle that mirrors to the natural angle of sand deposition. Collisions between the grains of sand cause the grains to become synchronized. When this occurs, the outer level of sand vibrates. From a cultural perspective, the emission of tones and measurable musical notes are a testament that this land feature is alive and it can interact with all elements of the universe.

aerial platform: DJI Mavic Pro | camera: FC220 | lens: 4.7mm
focal length: 4.7mm | still frame from video
FAA UAS Part 107 Licensed