United States of Rust B0583A original digital artwork

Rust – Americana Collection

As I formulated a plan for my blog in 2020, my troubled mind noticed that throughout my travels last year – encompassing over half of the fifty states – the shiny red, white, and blue symbols associated with a progressive America sadly were being replaced by a patina of rust. I anticipated more travels and brighter scenes, but along came SARS-CoV-2 and the pandemic of COVID-19, more disuse and abandonment resulting in more rust in this nation.

Oxidation of iron results in various pigments of brown. This month, instead of a group of themed photographs, I have compiled a series of original digital art presenting my interpretation of the various stages of rust. The first artwork overlays the text "RUST" in a neutral gray and the hexadecimal code "B0583A" for representing my chosen color as a ground to represent rust on a computer screen. Each week in July will bring another representation of another step in the sequence of the United States of Rust.

Posted on: 1 July 2020