A rainbow of reflected light in an original visual abstraction by David Allio

Reflected Light – Abstract Art Collection

As a Master of Fine Arts, I expend a great deal of study time on the language of "visual symbolism." The topics of iconography and symbolism have been efficacious since the dawn of visual communication. That said, thanks to the pandemic I’ve had nine months of non-nomadic time to distill a definition for "abstract" as in an abstract work of art – a non-hegemonic artist-mediated non-representation of a subject.

So, how does the reality of visual symbolism co-exist with abstract imagery that studiously avoids realism?

With that enigma comes this work of colorful reflected light, a thread of hope in dark times. So, here is a rainbow – a symbol of blessing and good fortune – to get us started on a new year. Keep asking these questions: What do you see? What am I saying through this visual abstraction of reflected light?

camera: Nikon D3 | lens: AF-S Micro Nikkor VR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED
focal length: 105mm | exposure: f/22 – 1/8th second – ISO 1000